Nicole Donkers is a visual artist from The Hague. In her art she looks for the issues, the sharpness’s, frictions and distortions on the topic of identity. Her youth in the Orient and Western adult life are sources of inspiration. Her work is not per se about her own identity, but more frequently and in general it questions how we as individuals design our identity, behave and impersonate ourselves in the virtual world and the analog one. The physical skin, being the warm tense border of a person and always the subject to manufacturability, is further inspiration. In the working periods in Indonesia and China Nicole made work for two projects, namely “feeling touched and the smell of plastics” (Indonesia), “how do you escape your skin” (China), “connect the dots, collected thoughts” (The Netherlands) and “where is home?” (China). Her work consists of ceramics, video installations, photography and 3D objects.

Stef van Bellingen (curator/artistic director): “In the work of Nicole Donkers one feels how the grammar of cyberspace and social media influences our language and cultural experiences. The tangible and the intangible stand in new relationship to each other. Each materialization (the artwork) seems no more than an extension of a constantly growing, endless virtual world. The answer lies in the creation of collections, usually unsightly business or small gestures. Nicole Donkers operates in a minor key, a key that composers use to the little sadness of existence in order to express. For that reason, it is best described as musical poetics, even Wagnerian. Mainly this has to do with the strong temporal dimension of her work and which in musical terms is called the “solution”: a satisfying and soothing agreement that follows a series of dissonant tensions. Nicole loves overlapping and stacks, they come to her due to a surfeit of choice possibilities that the notion of the unique and the physical materialization of it problematizes.”